7 months ago
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FAW-Volkswagen Audi Q5 (code 8R) officially shut down on October 9, the current Audi Q5 and Q5L in-house sales situation is about to end.
As the first luxury medium-sized SUV made by Audi, Audi Q5 welcomed the world's first launch in Beijing on April 19, 2008, and took the lead in importing into the Chinese market in 2009. In December of the same year, Audi Q5 began trial production in Changchun plant until November 2010, the domestic Q5 manufactured by FAW-Volkswagen Audi was officially launched in China. The listing of the state has officially begun its brilliance in the Chinese market.
Almost eight years after the launch of the home-made Audi Q5, it has become a well-known product for consumers, and its replacement model, the Audi Q5L, has been put into production at the new FAW-Volkswagen Audi plant and has finally been officially shut down as a veteran product on October 9. So far, the official announcement has not yet been made. Changchun factory's final output, but we as a luxury medium-sized SUV market has stabilized the product, its final output will never be low.