Car Coolant

Car Coolant

Your car coolant is crucial to your car's cooling system. The coolant contains glycol and water and is what prevents the engine from overheating. If your coolant level is consistently low, you may want to have a Service Technician check for a leak.

Car Coolant
Premixed Super Long Life Coolant

Where the climate can vary dramatically, the anti-boiling and anti-freezing properties of 50/50 Premixed Super Long Life Car Coolant are invaluable.

For optimum performance and cooling efficiency, have the car coolant replaced at intervals in accordance with your Service & Warranty logbook or every 80,000kms.

Fuel Filter

Fuel Filters

Fuel is the lifeblood of your engine. Therefore, it is vital that it is totally free of any contaminants before it enters the workings of your engine. It is the role of the Fuel Filter to trap any foreign matter and provide a clean flow of fuel for smooth performance and engine longevity.

The longevity of your engine, and smooth performance of your vehicle relies on a clean flow of fuel. It is the role of fuel filters to capture any impurities that may have travelled into your fuel tank. The quality of a Fuel Filter can be best gauged by its ability to trap even the tiniest impurities.

Genuine Fuel Filters

Fuel Filter
Genuine Fuel Filter

Genuine Fuel Filters trap the smallest of particles. The thorough filtering process ensures clean fuel and smooth engine operation.

  • Specifically Designed for your car Genuine Fuel Filters are designed specifically for each  model, to fit fuel lines precisely and therefore trap the tiniest of impurities.
  • High Quality Materials Unlike some non-genuine fuel filters, Genuine Fuel Filters are constructed of high quality materials, which are both airtight and highly heat resistant - an important feature with petrol in the hot environment of an engine bay.
  • Superior Filter Construction Genuine Fuel Filters are engineered to catch particles as small as ten microns, yet still maintain a smooth flow of fuel. Lesser quality filters use poorly constructed filter papers, which allow larger impurities to clog and corrode the engine, causing engine malfunction.

How to avoid the danger of a fuel leak

Only Genuine Fuel Filters are designed specifically for each individual model. They are constructed of high quality materials, which are both airtight and highly heat resistant. And most importantly, they are designed to fit fuel lines precisely. Other non-genuine filters may need to be 'forced' onto fuel lines, which can cause fuel leakages and increase the chances of creating a fire hazard.

When to replace your fuel filter

Fuel Filter will always be replaced according to the servicing schedule.

Car Care

Car Care

Regular maintenance is essential:

  • Good fuel economy

  • Long vehicle life

  • Driving enjoyment

  • Safety

  • Reliability

  • Warranty coverage

  • Compliance with government regulations


Your Car has been designed for economical driving and economical maintenance. Many formerly required maintenance items are no longer required or are not required as often. To make sure your vehicle runs at peak efficiency, follow the maintenance schedule.

Where to go for service?
It makes good sense to take your vehicle to your local Car dealer for service. Technicians are well-trained specialists. And they are receiving the latest service information through technical bulletins, service tips, and in-dealership training programs. They learn to work on Car before they work on your vehicle, rather than while they are working on it. Doesn't that seem like the best way?

Your Toyota dealer has invested a lot of money in special Toyota tools and service equipments. It helps do the job better and at less cost.

Your dealer’s service department will perform all of the scheduled maintenance on your vehicle – reliable and economical.

What about do-it-yourself maintenance?
Many of the maintenance items are easy to do yourself if you have a little mechanical ability and a few basic automotive tools. 
Note, however, that some maintenance tasks require special tools and skills. These are best performed by qualified technicians. Even if your are experienced do-it-yourself mechanic, we recommend that repairs and maintenance be conducted by dealer who will keep a record of maintenance on your car. This record could be helpful should you ever require Warranty Service

  • Take Care of the Basics

Replacing spark plugs, timing belts, hoses and filters at proper intervals require attention from a mechanic who is well-qualified with the latest service bay tools and technology.

  • Cars Aren't What They used to Be

Today's engine requires more than just a traditional tune-up. Bring your vehicle to technicians who can bring a high-tech approach to your sophisticated systems and onboard computers.

  • Inspect the Air Filters

The air filter helps remove debris from the air entering the combustion chamber of the engine. Your air filter can become dirty and clogged too. Inspect and replace your air filter at regular intervals to avoid problems.

  • Watch the Dirt

If you drive on dirt roads or do a lot of stop-and-go driving, you should check your air filter more frequently.


Air Filter

Air Filters

The quality of the air your engine breathes is just as important as the quality of air you breathe. Air quality can have a direct impact on your engine's performance and length of life. The combination of fuel and air ignited in the cylinder chamber drives the internal combustion engine of today's modern cars.

Air filter shown

It is vital that any air entering the combustion chamber of your engine is purified and totally free of any dust or contaminants. It is the role of the air filter to trap any foreign matter and provide clean air for smooth performance and engine longevity.

Quality filtering ensures:

  • Clean air intake
  • Smooth Engine Performance
  • Longer engine life
Genuine Air Filter

The quality of an air filter can be best measured by its ability to trap even the tiniest impurities. You can check the condition of your air filter by removing the casing and looking at the filter element. Consider replacing your air filter, if it is:

  • Very dirty
  • Clogged
  • Damaged in any way

Genuine Air Filters

Our air filters are made to the highest levels of quality with triple layer filtering and needle punched elements.

Triple layer filtering

Genuine Air Filters feature a triple-layer filtering element, which ensures that your engine stays free of any dust or contaminants. The element has a series of different gauge meshes - coarse, medium and fine to trap every size particle. Other types of filters may only have one layer.

Needle punched filter

The Genuine Filter Element is needle-punched to allow for a smooth, efficient flow of filtered air to the combustion chamber for clean ignition of fuel. Its dust catching ability is up to 30% higher than a normal after-market type filter. Lesser quality air filters often use poorly constructed seals and filter elements which allow dust and impurities into the engine, causing problems such as poor engine idle, extra fuel consumption and unnecessary engine wear.

When to replace your air filter

A Genuine Air Filter is designed to perform efficiently for the total time between recommended services. If you have your Service Centre service your car, then the air filter will always be cleaned and/or replaced according to the servicing schedule.

Air Conditioner Treatment

Air Conditioner Treatment

Air Conditioner Treatment
Air Conditioner Treatment

Over time fungi and bacteria can form in your vehicles air conditioner, spreading germs and odours throughout your car. But if you give your air conditioner a disinfecting and deodorising treatment at your next scheduled service you can breathe fresh air again.

Getting air conditioner treatment regularly is both curative and preventative; helping to eliminate foul odours and providing long lasting anti-bacterial and antifungal protection.

To keep the air inside your car clean, ask your Service Advisor about having your air conditioner professionally treated by expert technicians.

Your Service Advisor will also be able to see if your vehicle is equipped with a Cabin Air Filter.

AC Filter

Cabin Air Filters

Genuine Cabin Air Filters

As you drive, millions of microscopic particles enter your car's interior via the ventilation/air conditioning system. To prevent this, the vast majority of current models [B18]  feature Cabin Air Filters which sit over the ventilation system and capture airborne particles before they enter the car's cabin. Diesel smoke, pollens, fungi, cement dust, ashes, dirt and mould can all be prevented from entering the cabin and affecting your comfort and wellbeing.

Because the Cabin Air Filter is located in front of the air conditioning unit, it captures the particles that impact on the efficiency of the air conditioning system. The Cabin Air Filter reduces the need for cleaning of the air conditioner, which means a substantial saving in long-term maintenance costs.

Checking Your Cabin Air Filter

Genuine Cabin Air Filters

Genuine Cabin Air Filters do a brilliant job of trapping all sorts of airborne particles. Environmental conditions such as driving in heavy traffic, in urban or dusty environments, or on dirt roads may lead to the Filter becoming clogged relatively quickly. A Cabin Air Filter may need changing in as little as 15,000 kilometers.

Ask your Service Advisor if your model is fitted with a Cabin Air Filter. If it is, then it's a simple operation for a Trained Technician to check the filter's condition - because it is located just behind the glove-box. When you have your serviced, make sure you request to have your Cabin Air Filter checked...and breathe easy.