Air Filter

Air Filters

The quality of the air your engine breathes is just as important as the quality of air you breathe. Air quality can have a direct impact on your engine's performance and length of life. The combination of fuel and air ignited in the cylinder chamber drives the internal combustion engine of today's modern cars.

Air filter shown

It is vital that any air entering the combustion chamber of your engine is purified and totally free of any dust or contaminants. It is the role of the air filter to trap any foreign matter and provide clean air for smooth performance and engine longevity.

Quality filtering ensures:

  • Clean air intake
  • Smooth Engine Performance
  • Longer engine life
Genuine Air Filter

The quality of an air filter can be best measured by its ability to trap even the tiniest impurities. You can check the condition of your air filter by removing the casing and looking at the filter element. Consider replacing your air filter, if it is:

  • Very dirty
  • Clogged
  • Damaged in any way

Genuine Air Filters

Our air filters are made to the highest levels of quality with triple layer filtering and needle punched elements.

Triple layer filtering

Genuine Air Filters feature a triple-layer filtering element, which ensures that your engine stays free of any dust or contaminants. The element has a series of different gauge meshes - coarse, medium and fine to trap every size particle. Other types of filters may only have one layer.

Needle punched filter

The Genuine Filter Element is needle-punched to allow for a smooth, efficient flow of filtered air to the combustion chamber for clean ignition of fuel. Its dust catching ability is up to 30% higher than a normal after-market type filter. Lesser quality air filters often use poorly constructed seals and filter elements which allow dust and impurities into the engine, causing problems such as poor engine idle, extra fuel consumption and unnecessary engine wear.

When to replace your air filter

A Genuine Air Filter is designed to perform efficiently for the total time between recommended services. If you have your Service Centre service your car, then the air filter will always be cleaned and/or replaced according to the servicing schedule.

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